Struggling to Create A Sales Funnel? Let's Get Started Brainstorming & Outlining Yours Today!

Your Sales Funnel Is The Foundation For Everything You Do

Sales Funnel Brainstorming Individual Session

Book a one-hour session with me to examine and discuss your simple sales funnel. We'll determine where you have gaps, brainstorm free and paid content to support your funnel, and lay out a plan to get your funnel completed and working for you.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You and I will discuss your business goals and then take a look at your current plan. We'll determine if there's a disconnect between your content creation, lead magnet, and product. If you're missing pieces of the sales funnel, we'll brainstorm options so you can get your sales funnel in place. You'll leave with a plan knowing what to produce so you make the most effective use of your work time. 

Critically examine your funnel

We'll look at each piece of your funnel to determine what pieces  you're missing..

Determine cohesiveness

We'll determine if your paid product is supported by your lead magnet and free content..

Create a content plan

We'll brainstorm content ideas to inform and educate  your audience about your product.

Walk away with a work plan

Always know what to work on next to move your business forward.

Your Personal Brainstorming Partner, Shelley Merchant

Shelley was an educator for 32 years. During this time she taught brainstorming skills to her students and colleagues. Approaching brainstorming as one big puzzle, Shelley has the ability to think outside the box while also seeing patterns and connections. This skill makes her a brainstorming partner who can help you spot inconsistencies and create a plan for creating your perfect sales funnel. You won't be left wondering what to create next.

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